The American International School in Gaza المدرسة الأميركية الدولية -غزة

Community Engagement

At the American International School in Gaza (AISG) we understand the value of connecting academic success with community engagement. This is why such engagement is an essential aspect of our Vision and Mission, as it links the AISG community with meaningful social experiences. This encourages our students to give back to society through sharing their talents, exploring their interests, responding to community needs, and becoming active citizens.

Because of its importance, we require all of our students to enroll in a specialized school-based program that guarantees their engagement in community building activities. This engagement ranges from practicing small acts of kindness to joining charity drives, organizing awareness campaigns, fundraising, running for good causes, and volunteering in community projects and service centers.

The tangible and intangible benefits to working with the local community are countless. Giving back to society gives students a pleasant feeling of social connectedness and the satisfaction of at least trying to make the world a better place. Joining charitable ventures enhances students’ interpersonal skills and increases their awareness by helping them to learn about the world around them and mature socially. Being able to take care of other people less fortunate, serving to meet the needs of others and sacrificing time goes a lot further than one would think. As students work within their community, they learn that they can be responsible for making great things happen. This helps build a sense of responsibility and pride in students when they see what they have done is actually helping others.

Additionally, the importance of community engagement for the college application process is paramount since it is a way to set students above the rest on a college application and maximizes their chances of being accepted at prestigious and highly selective universities.

At AISG, we are proud to see how our students and their families have touched the lives of so many others. Together, we can make our world a better place. After all, active citizenship is only as affective as we decide to make it.