The American International School in Gaza المدرسة الأميركية الدولية -غزة

Language Program

One of the goals of the American International School in Gaza is to have every graduate achieve true proficiency in a second (or third) language by the time they graduate. As citizens of a rapidly expanding world, AISG graduates will need the capacity to establish relationships of trust with people from all over the world. These relationships will be further strengthened when clear communication takes place. Proficiency in a second language is fundamental to becoming a globalized citizen.

At AISG, students are required to take courses in two languages. Students have the opportunity to take linguistic classes in Arabic, French, and English. Ranging from basic level to advanced, our courses are designed to challenge students to become proficient in multiple languages which inherently allows them better insight into different cultures.

In addition to the language courses, we offer specialized language programs such as English as a Second Language (ESL) and Arabic as a Second Language (ASL) to aid students who need extra attention in either of these areas. This ensures that all AISG students feel comfortable and confident in their ability to communicate with their peers, teachers, and administrators.