The American International School in Gaza المدرسة الأميركية الدولية -غزة

Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria

There are two fundamental questions asked when considering admissions of applicants to AISG:

· Do we believe they will be successful at AISG?

· If they have any special needs, can AISG adequately and appropriately support these needs?

When reviewing for the admission of an applicant, we seek to create a comprehensive profile while considering the admissions criteria:

· What is the profile of the school the applicant is attending

· Reports from schools attended

· MAP testing results (other standardized assessments may also be reviewed), if appropriate

· Writing sample

· Language proficiency

· Interview with the applicant

· Student Support screening

· Age of the applicant

· Credits to meet the AISG graduation requirements? (High School applicants only)