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Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Date 2020-03-05

On Wednesday, the 4th of March 2020 – Students from grade 11 at AISG, accompanied by I.T teachers, Ms. Enas Silmi, and Mr. Mohammed Qaradaya, visited the A. M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) in Gaza.

The educational visit aimed at exposing students to many eye-opening concepts and innovations in the field of technology, including recent software programs and hardware devices.

During the visit, students were introduced to the Sketch Up software program as they watched an orientation video about its specifications, features and ability to produce unique and catchy designs. As a result, students were able to produce a memorable 3-D model of AISG logo.

The second session took the students to the world of electronics, where they explored many other concepts related to programming. The students observed and learnt how to light in an electronic kit using several programming codes, through  experiencing Six New Brought in Kits, which its main components are programmed electronics using specific software.

The last session was an interesting open discussion, where students had the chance to exchange information about the robotics world, as they observed a robot with some abilities of moving around and climbing the stairs on command.

The visit was concluded with Photoshoots and students’ learning reflections.