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Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Date 2019-12-03

On Thursday, the 28th of November 2019 – Students from grade 9 at AISG, accompanied by Ms. Samah Ouda, science teacher and Ms. Haneen Ashour, English language teacher visited the A. M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) in Gaza, to participate in the Science Week, entitled “Nature and the Network of Life - Inspired by the Works of Alexander von Humboldt”.

The educational visit aimed at exposing students to many eye-opening concepts including our relationship with Earth, considering plants, animals and geology.

During the visit, students explored many other concepts through visiting several booths that varied between alternative energy solutions, geology recognition, as well as the identification of biodiversity, bio architecture, and geographic information systems (GIS). Other booths reflected the themes of environmental and urban solutions, scientific films, and virtual reality (VR, and the integration of STEM methodology) into environmental interaction.

At the end of the tour, students had the chance to discuss what they observed with science teachers who welcomed their enquiries and provided them with sufficient explanations.

The visit was concluded with photoshoots and students’ learning reflections.