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Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Date 2019-11-18

Continuing to apply its philosophy, AISG arranges regular trips to places of interest during each school term. Many trips are organized to link with the topics studied by the students that term.

On Wednesday, the 6th of November 2019 - Environmental Science and chemistry students, from grades 11 and 12 at AISG, accompanied by Ms. Mariam Al Agha, science teacher and Mr. Mohannad Al Sourani, P.E teacher visited the Water Desalination Plant in Deir Al Balah. The educational visit aimed at exposing students to the process of water desalination and the critical importance of water management.

The day started with a tour at the Water Desalination Plant in Deir Al Balah, where students were received by Eng. Al Hams.

During the tour, Eng. Al Hams explained the process of water desalination, which includes water pre-treatment, post-treatment, and reverse osmosis. He also talked about the critical importance of water management as the water resources are limited in the Gaza Strip where the ground water aquifers are contaminated.
At the end of the tour, students participated in Q&A session where they asked questions and received answers, so that they can develop the scientific concepts and link what they observed to their prior knowledge. 

The visit was concluded with photo shoots and students’ learning reflections.

Photo Credit: Ali Hamarna, High School Student.