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Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Learning Beyond the Classroom!

Date 2019-11-03

We learn best when we can see, hear, and experience things. It is no secret that Multi-sensory learning is an important part of school life, and school trips answer the requirements of all five senses. To enhance the school’s curriculum and enrich students’ learning experiences, AISG arrange trips to places of interest during each school term. Many trips are organized to link with the topics studied by the students that term.

On Wednesday the 30th of October 2019 - Environmental Science students & 10th graders at AISG, accompanied by Ms. Mariam Al Agha, science teacher and Ms. Enas Skaik, math teacher, visited Khan Younes Sanitary Landfill in coordination with (JSCKRM) & Khan Younes Municipality. The visit aimed at identifying the mechanism of solid waste treatment and its short- and long-term effects on the environment.

The day started with a tour at Khan Younis municipality, where students were received by Eng. Samir Mattar, environmental specialist at the Local Bodies Development and Lending Fund, and Eng. Enas Qandil, head of information and community outreach at the Joint Solid Waste Management Services Council in Khan Younis & Rafah.

During the fruitful visit, the officials at the municipality delivered a detailed presentation of the solid waste journey in the Gaza Strip, how to treat it and the environmental, health and social impacts of the operations. In return, the students gave a presentation to emphasize the role of human in preserving the environment through the correct disposal of solid waste.

Later that day, the students were introduced to the new Sanitary landfill, and learnt more about dumping the waste and dealing with it in a scientific and healthy way.

In an atmosphere full of genuine delight, the visit was concluded with photo shoots and students’ learning reflections.

Photo Credit: Ali Hamarna, High School Student.